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Love, Fun, Action, Peace, Gold,
or Revenge...

Everyone hunts!

What Do You Hunt cover
What Do You Hunt cover

Also by the Author

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Coming December, 2024

Book cover for HIGH NOON IN IRAQ, with helicopter hovering near soldiers alone in the desert, high noon...



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Milam Keith Smith worked in fields baling hay, trained as an electrician and built mobile homes, packed fiberglass, flipped hamburgers in his burger joint, soldiered in the US Army, been a journalist and newspaper editor, delivered everything from newspapers to bread to manufactured goods, sorted mail, became a black belt and instructed martial arts students, worked with the homeless, studied law and won (and lost) civil and criminal cases in courtrooms, and earned a BA in English Literature to become a state-certified High School English Teacher. His experiences and travels and observations come to bear in his current life writing crime novels, speculative fiction and screenplays.

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