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what do you hunt orange 2.png

"The second half could be completely mind-blowing!"    Preston

"Like watching a mini-series--a good one!"    Staci

KFaS redo final PB yellow.png

"You never know what is going to happen to this guy, and you can't wait to turn the page and find out!!!"    Leah

KlckBitch 3x2.png

"I have to admit, each twist and turn was unpredictable."


Klick Duck2-final 3x2.png

"Interesting character and good supporting cast. I feel like this P I is on a journey of discovery, not just going through the motion."    Robert

KlcDcknew-final PB green 2 3x2.png

"It's one of those books that keep you riveted to your seat not wanting to put the book down. I liked the suspense and the twists and turns it took."    Bev

klickbooks city 3x2.png

"The action scenes are movie-worthy! Short but good."


KLCK WWW 3x2.png

"Wow, I want to see the fight scenes on film--crazy good. Surprising end."


KvBB-3no final 3x2.png

Coming mid-July!

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